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Two Roses Tattoo Co.: Lansing's newest body art shop to focus on health, education

Ten years ago, Sarah Trofatter sat down in the tattoo chair to get a half-sleeve inked by Solomon Trofatter – but they almost abandoned the tattoo because she couldn’t stand him.

One decade later, Sarah Trofatter quit her job to open Two Roses Tattoo Co. with Solomon Trofatter, who is now her husband. Their shop, located at 125 E. Kalamazoo St. in Lansing, will open in early December. 


Nightlife Guide: The unique personalities of East Lansing's bars

 If you ask a handful of East Lansing residents what their favorite bar in the city is, it’s likely that you won’t hear the same answer twice.

A person in their late twenties might tell you they enjoy the Tin Can Bar. The person who looks forward to dancing the night away in their brand new outfit will probably tell you their favorite bar is Harper’s. The one that enjoys being a tourist in their town will tell you they love The Rock Bar. 


A look inside ‘Hooked’, Lansing’s new cafe, wine bar and bookstore

Lansing’s new addition, ‘Hooked’, has something for everyone, whether you are a bookworm, a wine aficionado or a coffee lover. 


Located between Lansing’s downtown and Michigan State University’s campus, ‘Hooked’ was designed with the goal of bringing the two communities together. 

Take a tour of the new local business. 


Risky Studios: Couple's shared love for music and content creation inspires new business

For high school sweethearts Alicia and Joshua Southern, music has always been an integral part of life. Now, they've turned that love into a small business in downtown East Lansing.


MSU student-owned Château Coffee Co. holds grand opening event

Chawich is not just an entrepreneur with a passion for good coffee --- he’s also a student.


When he’s not crafting new lattes, he’s studying for a master’s degree in marketing research from Michigan State University.


Skin Studio 211: Downtown East Lansing's first Black-owned spa

For some, it might be the epitome of a nightmare to imagine balancing raising a child, completing school and owning your own business.


For Lorin Cumberbatch, on the other hand, this equation has, so far, added up to sheer success.


2 new businesses to replace Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe

The building that was once home to the Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe, which closed in Dec. 2021, will soon be demolished to make way for two new businesses. 

In a recent city council meeting, City of East Lansing Planning & Zoning Administrator Peter Menser said that a 2,400-square-foot restaurant and 4,200-square-foot medical office will be constructed on the property, which is located at 1601 W. Lake Lansing Road.


‘Bringing together communities:’ MSU professors to open bookstore, cafe and wine bar

Coffee shop and bookstore by day, wine bar by night, these MSU professors are opening a new business that will mesh together all of their favorite things.


5 Black women-owned businesses in the Lansing area to support this month

With Black History month officially underway, many are trying to be more conscious with their consumerism. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. These five Black woman-owned businesses have been declared local favorites.

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